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WIW (5 of 7)

88% of managing directors and HR personnel within the wholesale industry believe a gender-diverse workforce can have a positive impact on how a business performs, with 57% of managing directors wanting more female representation at board level.  Yet, how the industry targets females through the recruitment process could be a reason wholesale is not attracting

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Katie Jenkins of Bolt Learning

Bolt Learning’s Katie Jenkins (pictured) says that despite being excellent communicators, women freeze at business events. She offers her top tips to help women effortlessly work the room    Last month my husband and I were at our daughter’s new-parent night out, a social for Year 1 parents. On the way home, I asked my

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head shot

Janna Horsthuis is the Managing Director of Robinson’s, which was established in 1886 and has evolved, over five generations, into one of the Isle of Man’s best-known companies. Today, the foodservice retailer and wholesaler employs over 175 people and manages over 8,000 product lines. Janna is excited to be taking the family business into the

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